Bankruptcy Classes

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Credit Counseling & Debtor Education Classes

You must take one class prior to filing bankruptcy & one class after filing bankruptcy.  These classes are one session each & typically done over the phone or internet.  The 1st class takes about an hour.  The 2nd class takes about 2 hours.

You must take a Credit Counseling class within 180 days before the filing of your bankruptcy case. You must take a Personal Financial Management  (sometimes called Debtor Education) class after the filing of your bankruptcy case.

There are a great many agencies that provide these classes.  You can go to whomever you wish as long as they are approved by the Office of the United States Trustee.  They all charge for their services & you pay them directly.

Many clients use Access Counseling.  Go to  or call 888-234-7209. Use attorney code RED5259PZ.  The cost is $8.95 for internet or $18.95 for telephone.