Chapter 128 Overview

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What is Wisconsin Chapter 128?

Chapter 128 is not bankruptcy.  It is a Wisconsin law that provides for full payment of a debt in 36 equal monthly payments.  Once you file Chapter 128 interest and penalties are frozen and the creditor cannot take action against your property.

Unlike bankruptcy, in Chapter 128 you can pick and choose what debts you include.  So if you have one troublesome debt and could pay it off in 36 months, Chapter 128 might be for you.

Chapter 128 is helpful for people who do not qualify for bankruptcy or do not wish to file bankruptcy.

Chapter 128 works well for payday loans because it stops new interest from accumulating.

Chapter 128 is less expensive to file than bankruptcy.  Attorney fees and filing fees typically run $700-$800.

Unfortunately, Chapter 128 will not protect you from a we energies disconnection.