What to Bring to Your Appointment?

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What to Bring to Your Appointment

Here’s a list of information that we will need in order to prepare your bankruptcy petition. Do your best to collect this information, but if you are missing something, that is ok.

We won’t need everything for your 1st appointment. To find out if bankruptcy is for you, just be prepared to give us a rough idea of your income and debts. If you have any questions contact us.

  • Paycheck stubs for husband & wife for the 7 months leading up to your bankruptcy filing. Please organize by job & in reverse chronological order.
  • Papers showing any other income received for the 7 months leading up to your bankruptcy filing. (e.g., unemployment compensation, child support, social security, disability, retirement benefits, rental income, interest, etc.).
  • A list of money contributed to your household and/or living expenses by others for the last 7 months.
  • Bank statements for the 7 months leading up to your bankruptcy filing. Please organize by account & in reverse chronological order. For every unexplained deposit please write a brief explanation of the source of funds on the statement next to the deposit.
  • Federal & state tax returns & W-2 statements for the last 2 years. You can get a copy of your federal return at http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript. You can get a copy of your state return at 819 N Sixth St, Rm 408, Milwaukee, WI 53203.
  • The most recent bill you have for each of your debts & most recent correspondence you have from collection agencies & collection attorneys. If the creditor has specified an address for correspondence in at least two communications in the 90 days leading up to your bankruptcy filing, that address must be listed in your bankruptcy petition.
  • A recent credit report (optional). It is important to list all creditors. If you’re confident you have identified all creditors, a credit report is may not be necessary. If you are uncertain, go to   annualcreditreport.com or creditkarma.com  for a free copy.
  • A recent statement showing the balance on any motor vehicle loans.
  • The title, registration or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for each motor vehicle on which your name appears.
  • A recent statement showing the balance on any mortgage or home equity loans.
  • If you own real estate, recorded copies of your deed, all mortgages & all assignments of mortgages. You can get recorded copies from the Register of Deeds (in Milwaukee County on the 1st floor of the Courthouse at 901 N. 9th St.; phone 414-278-4021). Please get complete copies of all documents.
  • The most recent property tax bill, showing the assessed value, for each property you own.
  • Driver’s license or other photo ID.
  • Social security card or other proof of your social security number.
  • Recent statements for all of your retirement accounts or pension plans.
  • A recent statement for all cash value life insurance policies showing the owner, the insured, the cash value and any loan balances.
  • A list of all your addresses for the past three years.
  • Papers for any foreclosures, repossessions or garnishments during the past year.
  • Divorce judgment, martial settlement agreement, separation agreement, financial disclosures, child support orders, GAL & spousal attorney’s fees.
  • The name, address & phone number of anyone to whom you owe a domestic support obligation (child support, spousal support, etc.)
  • Any marital property agreements or prenuptial agreements you have entered into with your spouse or partner.
  • Papers relating to any timeshare you may own.
  • If you have your own business, monthly financial statements (cash basis) for the last seven (7) months.