What’s it Cost?

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What’s it Cost?

Chapter 7

Attorney fees for most bankruptcy filings are $1,400. The Bankruptcy Court charges a filing fee of $338. So in most cases a chapter 7 filing will cost a total of $1,738.


Do I have to Pay it all at Once?

No. You can hire us with an initial payment of $400. Once we’re hired, we’ll start preparing your paper work. After you have hired us, you can also refer creditor calls to us.


Do I have to Pay in Full Prior to the Filing of My Case?

For chapter 7 cases, you must pay your attorney fees in full prior to the filing of your case. Under 7th Circuit case law, if you owe your attorney money when your case is filed, that debt to your attorney is wiped out by your bankruptcy filing. In addition, under the rules of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, your attorney has an ethical responsibility to inform you that your unpaid balance has been wiped out by your bankruptcy filing.

You can pay the filing fee to the court after your case is filed.  Typical terms are $113 within 30 days after filing, a 2nd $113 within 60 days after filing & a final $112 within 90 days after filing.


Chapter 13

The Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin has established a presumed reasonable fee of $4,500 for a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. So that’s what we charge.  In addition, the Court charges a filing fee of $313. Attorney fees in a chapter 13 are higher than a chapter 7 because a chapter 13 is more complicated and lasts longer.

Unlike in chapter 7, you do not have to pay your attorney fees in full prior to filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy. In most cases you only pay a small part of your attorney fees prior to filing. The balance will be paid through your chapter 13 plan after your case has been filed. Contact us for more information.